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Acer TravelMate P449-G3-M Intel Core i5 8th Gen Laptop

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Original price was: 28,500.00৳ .Current price is: 25,000.00৳ .

Dell XPS 13 9315 Intel Core i7 12th Gen, 32 GB Ram LPDDR5 -5200 MHz, PCLe Gen4 NVMe SSD 1 TB

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Original price was: 185,000.00৳ .Current price is: 125,000.00৳ .

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Your Used Laptop Need Is Just a Click Away

Our Life is now going at a faster pace and to stay in the run we all need the latest technologies in our lives. Keeping that in mind, Bagdoom.com brings all kind of electronics you need in your life. Starting from the Home appliance to gadgets, we have it all. All our electronic items are from various famous brands and we regularly update the stock to make sure we have all the electronic items you desire. In a busy life, buying electronic products online is a relief as it can save an enormous amount of time of yours.

We stock Desktop, grooming products, Gadgets & Gadget Accessories. Used Laptops, Pc accessories, Tabs, Health Care products, Gaming products, Camera, Sound System, Computer, Computer accessories Bangladesh and many more electronic items that make your life easier. All these products are available at the most competitive prices and you can always buy these under attractive discount offers or deals.

Self-Grooming Gets Better With Grooming Tools

Taking care of thyself is the most important thing a person should do. But due to our busy schedule, none of us can make time for ourselves and give a good pampering. With the pace of our lives, technology is also coping up by giving us the easier tool that can be used for self-grooming using minimum time. All these grooming products and tools are now available at techmonnbd.com to make you beautiful giving least effort and time. We have the range of grooming products online shop BD both for men & women and all these are from renowned brands, such as Acer

Lenovo, MacBook, Chuwi, Mi, MSI, Asus, Nexstgo, Razer, AVITA, Realme, Samsung, Dell, Surface, Walton, Gigabyte, HP, Huawei and more. Our grooming product range covers Desktop Laptop, Desktop Accessories, Laptop Accessory, Component Monitor, UPS Tablet Office, Equipment Camera, Security Networking, Software TV, Gadget, Gaming and many more. Now go stylish and beautiful with grooming products at the best price and many more attractive deals to choose from Techmoon.

Own Your Favorite Laptop & Computer at Best Price

Working people to the student all need technology to get the extra bit of help. We cannot even think of life without a laptop or computer with high specification. Techmoonbd.com has the biggest collection of laptop & computer buy online bd. All our laptops and desktops are original that come at the best price in the market. Our range covers laptop and computers from brands like Apple MacBook, Lenovo, Asus, Xiaomi, LG, Sharp, Kingston, Sandisk, TP-link, Astrum, Logitech, Transcend, Totolink and more. Now, buy your own laptop or desktop from us and get the best deal you can never dream of.

The Game is On for All Gamers

techmoonbd.com requests all the game heads to grab a sit as we are bringing all the latest gaming products & accessories online Bangladesh exclusively for you. Our gaming range is full of up to date gaming products like PS4, XBOX, controllers, gaming consoles, gaming mouse and keyboard, joysticks, gaming wheels, gaming headsets, game discs, graphics card, gaming main board, and many more products. All these are in one place for you to buy online. We also offer at the most exclusive price and deals. Our gaming range is covered with famous brands like Sony, Asus, Logitech, Astrum and many more.

Gadget & Gadget Accessories

Life is easier and great with exclusive gadgets, thinking of which Techmoon has a huge range of gadgets and gadget accessories available for you to buy online. Our gadget range covers headphones, Electronic speaker, camera, camera accessories, Gear VR, 3D Glasses, toys and many more. All these gadgets are available at best price and are 100% authentic. Now making your easier got even more quickly with us, as all these ducts just click away. Our gadget & gadget accessories online bd are from renowned brands such as Samsung, Sony, apple, Xiaomi, Remax, CP Plus, Awei, eid collection in Bangladesh and more.


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